Money Back Guarantee

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all your driving lessons. The Driving Academy is dedicated and committed in delivering first class driving lessons. We are a very professional company with very high pass rates and we pride ourselves on having the best professional instructors..

Money Back Guarantee

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A money back guarantee. Surely that can't be right and there must be a hidden agenda of some sort or I've read it wrong?

Actually, you did read it right and it is correct. The Driving Academy are probably one of the only driving schools in your area that can offer you a money back guarantee scheme. You see, we believe in great customer service and want to show you our commitment. Our terms and conditions state that if you're not happy with your driving lesson then you simply get your money back - it's as simple as that.

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At The Driving Academy, our ethos is all about giving you value for money whilst in the same breath, giving you all of the information and skills necessary to help you pass your driving test and also to drive safely for the rest of your life. All of our instructors are regularly checked for the quality of tuition they are giving you. They are also sent on a range of courses which go some way ensuring that their skills are kept up to a high standard. Not only that, but each and every instructor is checked by our governing body, the DVSA. You can find out more about what checks a driving instructor has to complete by clicking on this link – The Standards Check.

Driving instructors are graded by A or B and generally speaking, depending on what grade an instructor is will sometimes determine how often they are recalled for their standards check test. On a whole, every instructor will be called for their test between three and four years. The guidelines state that if an instructor fails their standards check test, then they can be struck off the register. This has a devastating affect on the driving instructor as this means that they won’t be allowed to teach for money or reward and have to go through the qualifying exams again. You can read up on the exam process for a driving instructor here.

As part of The Driving Academy, we have in-house trainers that train up our own driving instructors and then bring them in as part of our team. All of our driving instructor trainers are ORDIT registered. You can read up more on what the ORDIT process is by clicking here and what it means. Basically, it means that we have been assessed by official means from the DVSA who are the governing body for driving instructors and we have passed their tests and have reached a certain standard which entitles us to advertise as a training organisation via the DVSA website.

When most people learn to drive, they generally want to pass their driving test as quickly as possible. However, unless the driving school you choose offer intensive driving courses then it could on average 6 months or more to learn to drive from scratch and reach a standard that’s satisfactory to pass a driving test. This is assuming that you take one lesson per week for 6 months. On average, a person will take approximately 30 to 40 hours to reach driving test standard. Obviously this can fluctuate depending on the speed and rate of learning. Every one is different but your driving instructor will generally be able to gauge better once they’ve seen you drive – this maybe after a few lessons. Believe it or not, we get people calling us up and asking us how long will it take for them to pass the driving test. How do we know, we haven’t even seen them drive yet or how quickly they take on information etc. So, this is a very difficult question for us to answer.

Throughout our website, we have dedicated pages where you can read more about our job. So for instance, we have sections dedicated to “what is a driving instructor” “what is a driving lesson” and what is a “driving school”. We can teach you how to drive but as mentioned above, we may not be able to tell you immediately how many driving lessons you’ll need when we very first meet you or even over the telephone. Generally, booking in for an assessment drive will give us both a good idea of how many driving lessons you’ll need to pass your driving test.