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Come and join us and be part of our team. We believe in looking after you and helping you to earn a decent salary so you can get a quality lifestyle behind you.

Some people are a little bit skeptical about joining a franchise and it is right to be skeptical. There are so many driving instructors out there who have had very bad experiences at the hands of other companies that offer franchises. At The Driving Academy, our reputation speaks for itself because we adopt a caring approach and we make you part of the business.

Because we have a great insight into the market, we know what works and what doesn’t work for our instructors. We haven’t been around for over 17 years for nothing without learning how to cater and shape our business to give our instructors a good quality of life. Our franchise package really does look after you.

Why join our franchise?

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  • Unlimited supply of pupils
  • Career development
  • Team social events
  • Holiday entitlement incentives
  • Business support
  • A ready-made business for you
  • Plus lots more benefits included

There are a few reasons why people come and join our franchise rather than go independent. I think the first and most obvious reason is that you will be joining a very reputable company that provide an excellent service to all of our instructors and give great value for money.

We very rarely advertise because we don’t need to. If you’ve been through our training program, then we know that we have produced fantastic instructors as we’ve had time to give our trainee instructors our knowledge and ethos coupled with business acumen. We really do care about you and we make an investment into your career and lifestyle.

We are constantly ahead of the game and we have a good structure and framework and all of our franchisees definitely benefit from this.

All your training is covered which includes on-going continued professional development (CPD). You always get the latest up-to-date training materials and manuals and we are experts at on-line marketing too which helps to give you a constant supply of pupils. By ensuring we are constantly active with our marketing, it ensure that you can spend more time working as an ADI and no time trying to market yourself if you went down the independent route. Incidentally, if you’re not quite a fully qualified ADI yet and are still in the throws of your training, did you know that we also offer driving instructor training. You can see what our training packages offer by selecting this link – Driving Instructor Training page.

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Our franchise organisation model offers you the ability to grow under a successful brand and share the benefits of a larger company. Although your franchise is independently owned by you, all our franchisees reap in the benefits from sharing our successful business model and get top class support.


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